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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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african american art and complex about 7 blocks away from here. an hour from now they plan to walk to the crime scene behind us that is marked by memorial to come and remembering the four young men who died here. >> reporter: yalani chinyamurindi, harith atchan, manuel o'neal, and david saucier, all of the young men grew up in or had ties to the neighborhoods in san francisco. they were sitting in a car when they were shot and killed friday evening. >> i knew all four of them. i started crying. >> reporter: he runs a program called brothers against guns. he remembers walking with them while e what the family is going through. i know what it family is going through. >> reporter: the car they were in was registered as stolen.
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there b9 inside but he doesn't think they happen part of a gang. he explained there b= up on. >> we don't know that circumstances, we are not ruling out the suspects may have been known to the victims and that is how they t so close to do this. >> it isn't that simple to guess as to whether or not what was going on. it is a part of this investigation. >> reporter: the focus of community activists '÷(kxturned to helping hzthe community heal and preventing violence. >> you have a community that is upset, you have a community that has been terrorized by this. >> time for us to take back our community as african american people of color and people brown color to come together. >> reporter: again, members of the community, people who knew
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these men the investigation, they plan to have extra patrols in ña3 continue the investigation. allie lies grief-stricken. we talked to a mother of one of the victims. >> as a mom you do everything you can to protect your kids. i don't care if they are 100 t4f3d years old. you protect them. i did everything for him and my other boys to !6make sure they stayed out of trouble. for somebody else to take his life =s:: i didn't do something right. >> b::8
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the past hour. california attorney general kamala o;g senate seat that barbara boxer is leaving 78 y%( hswhen her term is up in fp also today lieutenant governor gavin newsom announced he will not be running for barbara boxer's seat. a doctor is facing charges for possessing hundreds of pictures and videos of child pornography. prosecutors say 6 had been pictures and video of -- 600 pictures and video of children under 12 were found at ,dúthe home of doctor michael russell. he was arrested at his home and charged with possession of child pornography friday. >> some people think these are victimless crimes lg9k,zñ create a market place for people who abuse children and place these images gof these children on the
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internet. these are crimes against children that affect these children for a long time and so ! we believe these cases are serious. >> ktvu channel [cxi 2 news went to the 0o::9vator's office in pittsburg. they told us he retired and other doctors were handling his cases and we contacted the california medical board and they sent us a statement. they said 8 charges seriously. wheneb)jp-yphysician is a danger to the public the board looks to take away his ability to accomplish. the chp says it is working to identify and arrest people who were involved in a illegal side show in oakland. the street show happened yesterday afternoon near the coliseum and was caught on camera and posted to youtube. a group of cars stopped traffic and
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freeway. officials say when officers arrived they were pelted with rocks and bottles. the chp arrested a 19-year-old man from hayward and impowded her car. -- impounded his car. injured in hts today, the california highway patrol said the officer got a call about a q he made a u-turn he collided with another vehicle. that accident then caused a chain reaction involving ó9k le were all taken to the hospital with sq3 non-life threatening. authorities say the robber passed a note to the teller demanding money and has not been caught. happening now, the first mondays night commute is underway following the installation of the new movable median barrier on the golden gate bridge. a live picture of the bridge. you jp
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movable median barrier is designed to prevent head on collisions. they tell us traffic bridge increased by 40%. the golden gate admission to the university of california has gone up again but a budget dispute will factor into who is accepted. the number of seniors applying rose 3% this year and applications from other states and countries rose 13%. governor jerry brown's proposal did not include the additional money that ? #
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most of the students effected speak little english. ey thought they would be going to class. instead they learned from their teachers their building had been shut ó building teaches hundreds of students english as a second language. this student moved to san francisco from argentina. >> 40 minutes ride to the school. no classes. >> the better english the better to help people. >> if ly you can help others better communicate. >> reporter: also out of luck oov the program that uses a classroom to teach mentally are dealing with students that
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are apprehensive. >> 7oreporter: classes will kv8hnow begin in a few days. teachers can't understand why the administration waited till the beginning of classes to tell people. >> the worse thing they could have done. >> reporter: they only found out after anything study -- engineering study that the building was unsafe. administrators decided not to tell teachers about plans to close till last friday. >> we didn't want topresent the issue to the -- to present the issue to the students and o -- in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco giants world championship trophy tour made its second bay area stop today. the line was the park in downtown concord. hundreds of people gathered
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this afternoon waiting for a chance to have their pictures taken with all three of the giants world [ next stop on the tour, vacaville tomorrow afternoon. the tour ends on april 13 which happens to be opening day for the san francisco giants. >> good timing on that. not just one but three. san francisco is one of five cities where students could see a film for free. >> still ahead, why leaders are &; ÷ coming together so students could see selma. >> does áwñiñbelong in official governmental meetings, one #cz city is stepping into % lñthat controversy. >> after the break, coastal fog, valley fog and sprinkles in the 5 day. >> taking a look at traffic now. this is the bay fr idge plaza. headlights heading towards oakland and east day bayh and traffic is moving not 3 -- bay and traffic moving not
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bad. this is the commute in contra costa county. highway 24 in the east bay. slow going there heading
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ñzuuap uhá;
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>> low gas prices are helping people as shippers pass on the savings they get at the pump. bay + gas and road star trucking expects $200,000 ;$( savings. >> d> the price of gas is $2.60.
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that is more than a dollar lower than a year ago. ride sharing drivers say they are also reaping the benefits of more affordable gas. police in ].nnzhsan francisco are investigating a shooting that injured two inside a convenience store. it happened after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. according to police the gunman opened fire on a man who was assaulting a female inside the store. the man suffered life threatening injuries. the store n't find the woman or the gunman but they have a good jp$ idea of where they might be. quoit tower is so a drone could shoot a commercial. a group sent us these pictures. it is closed between 2:00 c and 5:00 p.m. for two days. faa rules require the public be kept 200 feet away during the q
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use of a drone. the group paid $1,500. the city of concord is taking the first step towards a policy of having prayer at official city meetings. a proposal by the city counsel triggered feelings for and against is just 8 zrecommend to the city counsel to pass this z%(aidea. >> reporter: the nuh
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invited to speak briefly. the idea -- >> as long as it is god based i am fine with it. >> reporter: besides this community. >> i think a prayer would be awesome lwc to mix with government, i guess. >> i don't think it is something city. government a:+k,l t)jrshould be separate. >> reporter: óc chaplain. the city attorney tells me a 9- month-old g there is no p? , demominations and creeds ik -- denominations and grades are given the opportunity to -- creeds are given the community.
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>> john fowler, thank you. san francisco has been added to a list of cities offering students free screenings of selma. it is available to can show their i.d. or reportered to get w/ -- card to );s to get the tickets. how to deal with the drought was the topic of a meeting in lcxwvsan francisco. conversation dealing with low water use. australia has similar weather 6 patterns as california. >> i think one of the key messages i would give california is to promote management > conversation as far as
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possible. >> australia faced a decade long drought where citizens cut back nb y. a hazy day across the bay area. here is the view looking towards san francisco from the east bay this afternoon. today is another m day because ct of the unhealthy air. no wood burning for 24 hours. the 11th connective spare the air day for the bay area. that ties the 2013 record for connective days. but our chief meteorologist bill martin now, where does the weather -- where does ,n that is -- inversion is rally. i noticed it in berkeley, the fog settles in, valley y.fog, the
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pollutants get caught up and picked up in the moisture in the -- in the -- rnnvin the fog and it lingers. air quality hasn't been great. especially with foggy conditions. we have seen worse air quality but not great. back to the australia thing, the drought, that is what we need to do here. get over the idea if it rains enough we are fine. we need-curve all the time -- need to conserve all the time. australia over come them by learning to not use too much water. doing what we were doing in the '70s because of the drought. now -- not now, in recent )÷ seen a series of good looking moisture plumes go
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right by the bay area. that is a good one. but it is missing us. might get something in here towards the end of gx we are expecting -- usually get a lot of rain, each day it doesn't rain it falls z÷ below 100%, back into the 90s. low 90s. more pb that will be good. that is why they lift the spare the air day. because the winds will kick up. a xsidry pattern. the next in the mid-60s. here come -- things shift here, that is friday, 7:00 p.m. this is the next system. nothing, right? real rain c
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coast. avenues. towards friday, saturday. but it is not enough to do much for us. highs tomorrow, mid-60s. that is how it goes all week. here is the five-day forecast. mild temperatures. i got a chance for showers friday night and saturday. but this isn't the system we need > that is what we need. thank you. a former nfl linebacker who head coaching job and a member of the sharks voted into the nhl all-sta@r we will hear from him next in sports. gasia mikaelian for a look at what we are looking on for ktvu channel 2 news h(cat 7:00 jp p
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curry took a break over the weekend to watch his panthers play the seattle seahawks in the nfc championship on saturday. at one point things got testy between seahawks fans and his family. this video shows his wife and mom going back and forth with fans and then green steps in by throwing grapes. he tweeted /fb about the incident before receiving back lash. he said it got blown out of proportion and he is not a panthers fan. curry csaid he fíd! interview. >> couple weeks since the regular season ended. 49ers hasn't made their decision and neither have the raiders but maybe signs they
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are get close. they will bring jack del 5) back for another interview. born in castro valley. parents are nx::ñ4mraiders season ticket holders d back for a second interview, assistant defensive coordinator in denver. that nn nclusion. broncos ousted yesterday agreeing to part ways after four years as the head coach e@ zto the all- star game, brent burns. january 25 that game will be xfq held, he is tied for the leader
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in goals for defenseman, 11 so far. sharks proceedings right now as are the warriors. here is the reaction. >> good. going to take time. i knew it was going to. it is pected. good. >> you know, going from being a dominant v:s blue line. speaks about his ability to adjust. and create to a new position. and make good on it. >> all right. logically you would say anybody ( who is watching, , oregon 7 right now early on. >> surprise you? >> yeah. it does. i am picking the ducks. >> yeah. your daughter -- [ talking at the same time ] >> ohio state is incredible.
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third quarterback this season and playing >c::n6ñfor the national championship. >> oregon made a couple mistaked. dropped passes. -- mistakes. dropped passes. full highlights at 10:00 p.m. >> this is s g> yep. first ever national championship. nobody is worried about poles. it cvzkbwill -- polls. it will be decided on the field. thank you. at 10:00 p.m. arrested, what we are learning about a scratcher scam and how the scammer was caught. i tonight at 10:00 p.m. see you then everyone. >> good night. for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent
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